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Zandism has been painting pictures for over twenty years now.

He employs a wide range of techniques and an eclectic range of sources drawing from Pop Art, Graphic Novels and Graffiti Art.

His iconography is most influenced by the urban protest element of Graffiti.

Using a vivid hot and cold palette original harmonies are produced through chromatic extremes. His intention has been to combine the anarchic skills of a graffiti artist with the discipline of a studio painter.

His images offer the onlooker a glimpse into other worlds: juggling the real, the surreal, the hyper real. This notion of escapism permeates his images throughout.

Other artists have used the images from mid twentieth century comics, scaling them up, often to objectify them, draining them of seriousness and mystery.

Zandism uses a similar scale and boldness but plays with the emotional content of the image.